Australia’s Biggest Loser (Spoiler Alert – Winner Revealed)

Australia’s Biggest Loser premiered here last night with the usual tearful contestants confessing that overeating is making life miserable. Each contestant gravely outlined what the saw as “their journey” and talked about how the show was their last chance to change their lives. The show’s new host, Olympian Hayley Lewis, writes in her blog…

It goes beyond my vocabulary to describe to you all the honour I feel in being chosen to host the show.

Right ho… and what can we expect this season?

The challenges are amazing, the temptations are without question simply too good to refuse and the weigh-ins are jaw-dropping.

Without sounding cheesy or disingenuous, the contestants have become like family to me and this (you will see) will play out over the season.

But it looks like one member of the family has already brought shame upon the Loser household. 26 year old Deryck Ward and his older sister were entered as Team Black. Deryck weighed in at 189.6kg and said his goal weight was 100kg telling the producers he was teased at school for being fat and gave up playing rugby as a result. Promotional material for the show added…

He is now determined to lose weight especially as he’s never been in love and would like to start a family

Cue inspirational music and tears all round.

Unfortunately Deryck and his sister failed to make the cut on the second weigh-in and Team Black returned to Brisbane which is where things got slightly awkward. When producers from the show called to get a follow up story from Deryck to see how his “journey” was continuing, they discovered he had been arrested and charged with one count of possessing child exploitation material and one count of using the internet to access images of child exploitation.

Deryck's profession? "Communications Specialist" So presumably he'd understand how the internet works...

With only days to go before last night’s premiere the show’s producers have worked overtime to radically re-edit all the existing footage in order to remove all trace of Team Black’s involvement in this years show. A Channel Ten spokesman said…

Given the seriousness of these charges and that this matter is to be resolved in the courts, the network decided it will not broadcast any episode in which Mr Ward would have appeared. We believe this is in every party’s interest, including Mr Ward’s.

Deryck will appear in court on March 8th when the scales of justice will deliver the final verdict but, until then, I strongly suspect that we have already found Australia’s Biggest Loser.

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  1. is it possible to “strongly suspect”?

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