Australian politician’s advice on virginity not a votewinner

We’ve previously looked at virginity a couple of times (here and here) at Notes, particularly the way in which virginity can become overvalued within a culture, and how that overvaluation is often associated with patriarchal control of the female body and female sexuality.

Tony Abbott with wife Margie and daughters, L to R, Louise 20, Francis 18 and Bridget 16 and dog Maisie / Pic: James Elsby Source: The Daily Telegraph

Providing more proof of our assertions in this regard, an Australian politician, the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, has shot off his born-again Christian mouth to comment on virginity, and more specifically, the virginity of his three daughters (pictured). Basically , when asked what advice he would give his three daughters on sex before marriage, he told the Australian Women’s Weekly: ”I would say to my daughters, if they were to ask me this question … it is the greatest gift you can give someone, the ultimate gift of giving and don’t give it to someone lightly.”

The greatest gift? Prezzie time! Tony needs to get out more because he obviously hasn’t seen the quality of the latest high-definition TVs – they’re a much greater gift than an unused sausage wallet.

The backlash was pretty swift with Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard stating that: ”Australian women don’t want to be told what to do by Tony Abbott. Australian women want to make their own choices, and they don’t want to be lectured to by Mr Abbott.” Meanwhile, “Latrobe University sex education expert Associate Professor Anne Mitchell said Mr Abbott’s pronouncement was nonsense”, and feminist Eva Cox said he was “commodifying women, by saying their sexuality was something to trade.”

Unfortunately for Tony, even his daughters have little respect for daddy’s preachings , especially since they know that their father was a drug-taking rootbag in his youth, so Tony has been told to STFU.

At this point I would normally make some derogatory comments about Tony’s personality and beliefs, but 18-year-old daughter Frances has described her Dad better than I ever could, calling him a “lame, gay, churchy loser”.

Tony Abbott, this is your life.


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