Wisconsin in bid to lift “Wackiest State insignia” title

Back in October last year we took a look at the Top Ten Wackiest State Insignia list and pronounced Maryland the winner for having declared Jousting the State Sport back in 1962. The list has proved popular among readers, consistently rating highly in our “most read posts” but I suspect this has less to do with my rapier-like wit and possibly more to do with people searching online for the photo of “Drunk Santa” which appeared in the piece.

The list, however, did raise some hackles in the Wisconsin State Assembly which, despite having entered many excellent candidates into the contest… (State animal – Badger, State Nickname – The Badger State, State Song – “On, Wisconsin”) failed to garner enough votes for a Top Ten placing.

Nothing says "Forward" like a statue on your state capitol who has a badger on her head.

Wisconsin immediately made a bold move. A few days after our list was published, Assembly Bill 556 was presented on November 10th, to the Committee on State Affairs and Homeland Security proposing the cheese producing microbe Lactococcus lactis be designated the Wisconsin State Microbe. The measure passed almost unanimously 7-1, with only a solitary lactose-intolerant dissenter perhaps thinking cheese had little to do with Homeland Security. Bill 556 will now face the full assembly for a vote in the next few days.

So will this rocket Wisconsin to the top of the rankings? Does a microbe prance past the North and South Carolina State Shag? Will it wrestle its way above Green Jell-O, the Utah State Snack Food? Could it scribble its way into history next to the Kansas State Toy, the Etch-A-Sketch?

Wisconsin, of course, produces more than 600 varieties of cheese and cheese-related products and fans can become part of this great State’s cheese activities by checking them out at EatWisconsinCheese.com or joining them on their Facebook Page. Today is also National Cheese Lover’s Day for those lucky readers in the U.S. (Sadly I missed celebrating Cheese Lover’s Day this year and am stuck a day ahead on the 21st which is, disappointingly, New England Clam Chowder Day)

All eyes are on the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. The vote will be any day soon…

You say "cheese". We say "Wisconsin!"

Photo courtesy of Moment of Failure

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  1. hahahaha, “rapier-like wit”

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