New record ransom for Somali pirates

Maran Centaurus

As predicted in a previous post on this subject, Somali pirates were in for a big pay day after seizing an oil tanker, the Maran Centaurus, last November with $150 million worth of oil on board.  The tanker has just been released after between $5.5 million and $7 million in ransom was dropped by helicopter onto the deck of the ship.  This amount is a new record in terms of ransom paid by a shipping company to get its ship back, smashing the old record of $3 million. As the CSMonitor reports, not only are the pirates demanding more for the ships that they do seize, they are also becoming more successful at seizing ships.

By venturing further out to sea, and using mother ships, pirate crews have doubled their success ratio to 40 out of 100 hijacking attempts last year from 40 out of 200 the year before.

But the promise of new wealth also brings new problems, and just before the ransom money was delivered, a rival pirate gang tried to take over the tanker. The pirates on board the tanker requested help from, get this, the anti-piracy naval coalition operating in the gulf and two helicopters were despatched to help them out.

Later on that night, after taking delivery of the ransom, a gunfight broke out over how to divide the money, and three pirates were reportedly killed. I tell you, that pirating ain’t all wenches, rum and cutlasses; it’s bloody hard, dangerous work.


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