Sex News: G-Spot Confusion

Adventurous readers may have already come across (no pun intended) news in the last couple of days that the Holy Grail of women’s erogenous zones, the G-Spot, has been discarded as a figment of the imagination by researchers from Kings College London. Co-author of the study, professor Tim Spector, may have been speaking on behalf of all men when he said…

Women may argue that having a G-spot is due to diet or exercise, but in fact it is virtually impossible to find real traits. This is by far the biggest study ever carried out and it shows fairly conclusively that the idea of a G-spot is subjective.

His fellow author, Andrea Burri, laid the blame partly at the door of our modern bogeyspokesperson, the media, saying she was concerned women who worried about not having a G-Spot would suffer feelings of “inadequacy or underachievement”. She went on to add…

It is rather irresponsible to claim the existence of an entity that has never been proven and pressurise women – and men too.


Search for a Legend. After 3 weeks in the jungle, Carruthers wished he'd never picked up his wife's Cosmo.

The study looked at 1,804 women between the ages of 23 and 83, all of whom were either identical or non-identical twins. It was found the same proportion of non-identical twins as identical had one twin reporting having a G-Spot while the other didn’t. The scientists concluded that, had the fabled zone existed, both twins in an identical pair (sharing the same genes) would “own” one. Without that statistic it seems they decided to inform the 56% of women in the study who enjoyed sex most, that they were deluded all this time.

It didn’t take long for the fightback to begin.

Ava Cadell, founder of the academic sounding Loveology University, an online school that offers G-spot certification, bit back in an interview with ABC News.

The Loch Ness Monster may be a myth, but the G-spot is real. I’ve helped thousands of women find their G-spot. First and foremost for women, it all begins between the ears. She has to be in a juicy state of mind.

The debate continues to rage and we here at The Notes will continue to monitor further scientific discussion.

Anyone fancy a pint?

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4 Responses

  1. Let me say “eth eth eth Chris Waddle!” on this enranging topic, and moving on, let’s have that pint. As long as it’s not Utopia. But that “Search for a Legend” pic + caption deserves a toast!

  2. OK guys….. it’s not a myth…. yes there is a G-spot and if you need some help see enjoy the instructional video and feel free to share with that someone special….. maybe give her a treat she’s not had…..

  3. very good info! keep up the good work!

  4. […] which claimed the G-Spot was a figment of women’s imaginations. The original post is here (Sex News: G-Spot Confusion) and it generated a number of responses, principally on my Facebook page, most of which pointed out […]

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