Security Fail – and there you were worrying about someone putting drugs in your luggage

International security fears continue to escalate in the wake of the fizzling underpants fiasco. It looks certain that governments around the world will soon be “investing” in body scanners despite health fears and in the face of anti-pedophile hysteria (as presciently documented by us in October in Fear Factor – Battle of the Big Two).

Will it make us any safer?

Are we actually unsafe?

The estimable Nate Silver at produced an interesting graph suggesting modern skies have never been safer. Here’s a look and I’d suggest anyone interested in his article should click on the link above.

Still, what’s a few extra billion dollars on scanning machines when a cultural fear frenzy fed by our friends in the media and arse covering politicians are concerned. I mean… what else are they going to spend the taxpayers money on?

After all, terrorists aren’t going to actually come up with the idea of hiding their explosives somewhere more secret than their underpants are they? And, when a population feels their government is concerned about keeping them nice and safe they don’t mind being scrutinised, effectively naked, by gum chewing minimum wagers do they?

Mindful of security concerns I’m also glad to see the Slovakian Interior Ministry has been doing its bit by secreting real explosives in the baggage of unsuspecting travellers in order to test the efficiency of their systems. Of course, it’s a trifle unfortunate that their security didn’t pick up the unarmed bomb and a 49 year old Slovakian electrician flew all the way to Dublin where he was picked up and grilled under Irish anti-terrorism laws for three hours until someone from Slovakia got in touch.

I imagine the scene looked something like this…

I feel safer already…Don’t you?

Thanks to This Week Magazine for the image and SuperLame for the nifty speech balloon technology.

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3 Responses

  1. Looked like flying back in the 1930s was a dangerous game.

  2. […] we look at Nate’s graph, previously featured in the post Security Fail, we have a visual indication of the decreasing threat to passenger’s […]

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