Anti-Whaling Protest – Crunchtime in the Antarctic

I’ll be posting more about this incident tomorrow but, in the meantime, here are the first pictures, taken from a Japanese whaler, of the collision reported widely today between a Japanese whaling vessel and the Sea Shepherd’s “stealth boat” the Ady Gil.

The Japanese whalers say they were deliberately rammed while the protestors claim the Ady Gil was at a full stop and trying to avoid collision. Let’s roll the tape and see what happens…

The latest on the Ady Gil is the crew are all safe and it is still afloat.

Additional Update: Here is another view of the collision, this time shot by crew on the Sea Shepherd boat Bob Barker.

Whilst there aren’t too many impartial observers in this particular conflict, I think we can say the video evidence is fairly inconclusive as to which side is to blame. The Japanese footage seems to show the Ady Gil motoring slowly toward the Shonan Maru 2, while the footage from the Bob Barker appears to show the Japanese vessel turning toward the collision.

What’s interesting to me is each side involved in this collision is taking rather different positions on what happened.

A Japanese fisheries spokesman, Glenn Inwood, was quoted as saying…

The skipper put the boat into full sting to try to cut the Shonan Maru off. You can see that the Shonan Maru is moving to the port to try and avoid a collision and there’s no avoiding the collision with the Ady Gil. It’s a fast boat, she heads off full steam in front of it and miscalculates. So it’s no wonder that it came to the grief that it has...

The crew of the Ady Gil are just as adamant, with member Lauren de Groot saying…

They have no mercy those guys, they were trying to kill us, ramming us like that in one of the most hostile environments in the world. The only way to describe it is attempted murder.

It will be interesting to see how the war of words develops. It may be useful, however, to bear in mind this quote by Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson from his 1993 book Earthforce. When talking about environmentalist tactics, Paul Watson advised readers to invent data and to deliver it with conviction to the press to support their positions.

The nature of the mass media today is such that truth is irrelevant. What is true and what is right to the general public is what is defined as true and right by the mass media.

The man has a point. We await developments with a keen interest.

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6 Responses

  1. inconclusive my ass, they turn towards it and after destroying it they turn away again. Just more of their overbearing arrogant attitude.

    • The crew of the Ady Gil claimed they were not moving at the time of the collision. Later they claimed they were reversing to avoid the crash. Have a look at that first video and tell me if it looks as though they were reversing?

  2. It is hard to tell when looking at both videos due to the movement of both ships AND the ship that is doing the filming and no fixed objects in the back ground to measure movement and speed. With that said it still looks like the Japanese ship rammed the Ady Gil all the while continuing to blast away with the water cannons and the “sound making thingy”’t remember the name of the thingy that makes sound waves that are meant to disable you mentally and physically….. so look again and think about how hard it is for the crew of the small ship to steer their ship. I’ve been a follower of the Sea Shepherd and I see at times they go over the line that I wouldn’t cross BUT the line that the Japanese cross is 100 times worse and I’m glad the Sea Shepherd and crew are willing to fight for the whales….. and wildlife….. not long ago the Japanese used that sound thingy towards the helicopter from the Sea Shepherd and that too was extreme on the Japanese part and they have fired on the Sea Shepherd’s captain Paul Watson….. thanks for posting on this and sorry for the book like post…. this is one of my critters that I love…… whales are beyond beautiful…. they remind me of ancient wise souls that are sad that they may not live long enough to see us learn from our mistakes……..

    • I agree. It’s hard to determine who’s at fault.
      And I also agree that whales are amazing creatures. I’ve had a couple of very close encounters both in Australia and Indonesia and both left me utterly in awe.
      I’m just not sure the Sea Shepherd tactics are helping to discourage whaling or are, in fact, entrenching the nationalistic political discourse in Japan that sees whaling as symbolic of their identity.
      I tend toward the views of Greenpeace at the moment who see the eventual end to whaling as rooted in politics and involving Japanese youth in pro-whaling groups.
      My concern is that Sea Shepherd is actually hardening resistance amongst those in Japan that have the power to bring the industry to a halt.
      I’m going to do more reading and will be putting together a new post on exactly this topic soon. Keep watching this space lilabyrd!

  3. Thanks I’ll keep checking. It’s hard sometimes to know what works and what doesn’t I know of Paul Watson’s break with Greenpeace and different paths they have chosen and at times both have crossed the line that I would not have crossed. Then again if I was right there and could look in the eyes of a dying whale….. I don’t know what I might feel and do in that moment…… or do if I saw it happening over and over again. Then some might say is it any less horrible just because you are not there to look into those dying eyes? I turn these thoughts over and over in my own mind….. there isn’t an easy answer. I just hope that at least others see and hear about it AND then check it out for them self then speak out. I’m not an all or nothing kind of person and know that some do depend on whales for their main food source, but they have a culture that rules their community and respect the sea and hunt the way they have for generations….. I can understand that….. but by the hundreds in the name of research and then right there clean and package it for sale? Sounds fishy to me…lol..sorry couldn’t resist. But here I go again running on and on….thanks again…..oh and a news show just came on about the Sea Shepherd…. now I do close this out!…… Lila
    stopped for a few moments to watch an other view of the collision and it did look like the Japanese turned into the Ady Gil video was from CNN…… humm….. oh well….. look forward to future posts!

  4. Surely the who’s and what’s of all this are conveniently avoiding the FACT of the matter which is these pricks shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing under the guise of “scientific research” .Don’t lose sight of what we’re actually fighting here

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