Need Free Publicity? Just ask the BBC…

The BBC has always made a great deal out of being an independent organisation, free from commercial interests.

So why is it they are parroting a veracity-challenged press release from a publicity hungry outfit like

BeautifulPeople claim to have culled 5,000 members who have overindulged this christmas and have added too much weight to still be considered eligible for membership. At $25 a month for membership, this would mean the website has just voluntarily wiped $125,000 of monthly revenue off their (pert) bottom line, or an annual shortfall of $1.5 million.

Question - Just how many pies does Charlize Theron have to eat to no longer qualify?

Surely a mere 5 seconds worth of thought before deciding to write this piece on the BBC website may have led them to write off the BeautifulPeople release as a fairly obvious stunt?

I can understand the various Murdoch tabloids leaping on this story, given their traditionally cavalier attitude toward the truth but the BBC?

It doesn’t take a moments fact-checking before doubts about the story are raised… is an outfit whose operation runs from a salubrious address such as 32 High Street, Brightlingsea, Essex, United Kingdom, actually going to turn away $1.5 million per year?

No. It isn’t.

However, it would certainly claim such a thing. The release quotes site founder Robert Hintze as saying…

As a business, we mourn the loss of any member, but the fact remains that our members demand the high standard of beauty be upheld. Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which was founded.

No doubt he’s hoping a fresh string of vapid hopefuls will now pledge their $25 in the hope of joining the jeunesse dorée. Mr Hintze is obviously a man who has realised that mildly inflammatory statements about what constitutes beauty is perfect tabloid fodder. And the tabloids have duly lapped it up.

But to see a reputable news organisation like the BBC following their lead and gifting Beautiful People worldwide publicity courtesy of the UK taxpayer is just nauseating…

Additional Update: In case you should less skeptical than me and think BeautifulPeople are on the level, let’s take a quick look at a couple of numbers. After the website “launched globally” 3 months ago the BeautifulPeople claimed, in this Telegraph UK article, to have signed up 180,000 new members. Two weeks later the Telegraph gave them an extra squirt of publicity as they published claims 360,000 new BeautifulPeople had joined the website.

360,000 members @ $25/month? That’s $108 million/year. At 32 High St, Brightlingsea, Essex?

Yeah, right…

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