New Year Envy – The Ultimate Pub Lock-In

Ok… I’ve had a few comments expressing jealousy over the view from my apartment at New Years.

But I would have traded my night in a moment for that experienced by drinkers at England’s highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn.

England's highest pub and scene of the world's first great party of the decade

Thirty students from Leeds University found themselves snowed in by 7 foot drifts at the pub over New Years and have only just been rescued by a snowplough. What better place to find yourself snowed in than the Tan Hill, 528m above sea level?

I wonder how long it took before someone rang authorities to alert them to their plight? For a start, the pub has a strict policy of not allowing mobile phones to disturb the patrons as they sip their pints.

If only they had a larger jar for screaming children.

Apparently they kept themselves entertained with “quizzes” and helping “peel carrots”. Although it appears most of the pubs beer was also consumed, with only a single barrel remaining. Sounds like just my kind of party!

Although they can’t guarantee you’ll be snowed in when you visit, there are other occasions you may wish to try the pub’s hospitality. In August, for example, areas of the pub become clothing optional as they host naturists from around the UK.

Failing to sink a ball when losing at pool can be costly


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