C’mon Yemen. Man up!

Trying to get on top of Al-Qaeda seems to be like squeezing a ballon: put pressure on in one area and it pops out somewhere else. From Somalia to Afghanistan to Pakistan and now to Yemen.

Yes, Western attention has now turned to Yemen because the evil terrorist mastermind Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, developed radical Islamist views during visits to Yemen. With careful planning and precision, everything went to plan and Abdulmutallab succeeded spectacularly well in setting fire to his underwear. What really is there to fear from these incompetents who seem to be more of a danger to themselves than to others?

But now, with this new focus on Yemen, the Yemenis want other countries to do the heavy lifting against terrorists within their borders, as the Telegraph reported today: Yemen’s “foreign minister this week appealed for international help to take on as many as 300 al Qaida operatives believed to be using it as a base.”

You need help with 300 operatives?!?!?

C’mon Yemen, you don’t even rank in the Top Ten Failed States so get you’re act together and deal with it!

Additional Note: It would seem that the Yemeni call for international help has a tinge of blackmail about it as Yemen asked for more money and arms to help deal with this problem. The US has duly caved in and today and doubled security assistance forYemen to $70 million.


2 Responses

  1. Why the word “Operatives” when the phrase “Lonely, disaffected youths without girlfriends” would probably be more accurate?
    And why is it that government spokesfolk and media outlets continue to use language that imbues Al Qaeda with an organisational ability and power that is largely illusionary?

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