Do I look slutty in this?

We’re always interested in the scientific studies that investigate the melange of ingredients that contribute to attraction between the sexes. Not long ago we looked at the sexual effects of money on women. This week, it’s a look at how men are affected by the amount of clothes (or lack of them) worn by women.

In an observational study, a group of experts at the University of Leeds designed an experiment to see if there was a link between amount of that women flesh exposed and sexual attractiveness.

To do this, four researchers discreetly observed female clubbers at one of the city’s biggest nightclubs, taking note of what these women were wearing and how many times they were approached by men asking them to dance. What they found was a statistically significant correlation between how much clothing a woman was wearing and how often she got approached by men. However, and somewhat conterintuitively, it wasn’t the women with the least clothing who got hit on the most.

Here’s the key findings that calculate the exact proportion of the body that women should expose for optimum allure:

Women who revealed around 40 per cent of their skin attracted twice as many men as those who covered up. However, those who exposed any more than this also fared worse.

Experts believe that showing too much flesh puts men off because it suggests they might be unfaithful.

Psychologist Dr Colin Hendrie, who led the study, told the Daily Mail: “Any more than 40 per cent and the signal changes from ‘allure’ to one indicating general availability and future infidelity.

Forty per cent? How much is that?

The implication of Hendrie’s assertion is that even in a nightclub setting, where “general availability” rather than any “future” relationship might be exactly what your average young man is after, there is nonetheless an instinctual or socialised drive that kicks in and influences attractiveness. This analysis reveals some of the attitudes that have become unconsciously absorbed with respect to both dress and body movement.

The study, published in the journal Behaviour, found that the most popular women combined the 40 per cent rule with tight clothing and provocative dancing. The 15 per cent that combined all three criteria were approached by 40 men each.

Forty men each!!! That’s either flattering or just tedious in the end, isn’t it? Or… let’s see their photos. I bet none of that 15 per cent were shabby!

Now I know that people are often disparaging of academics that seem to spend time measuring stuff like this but, once we stop chortling, this study isn’t any different to our examinations of the mating dances and courtship rituals of various birds and animals.

And, now that we have accurate figures, how long before someone produces a Flesh-o-meter that will measure accurately how much skin is exposed before you leave the house and thus maximise your pulling power. Instead of asking your friends if your outfit is too slutty before heading out on the town, you’ll be able to ask if you are looking 40 per cent-ish.

Hint: If you want to keep the men off you, dress like a hooker or a devout Muslim.

Here’s what we recommend: a nice, tight librarian outfit with a bit of cleavage.

That's about 40 per cent, isn't it?


2 Responses

  1. Maths teachers everywhere rejoice as another reason for learning percentages is revealed.

  2. wow.. never thought there is so much numbers involved in the skin. reminds me of the leonado movie where he took a compass to measure the cleavage etc when the censor board rejected his movie

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