Most expensive homes in the world

Soooo, Forbes have just listed the ten most expensive homes for sale IN THE WORLD at the moment. At #1 is the Spelling home in California valued at $150 million. Take a look at the picture — I do not pay that much money to have neighbours!!!!

For a little less bread ($117 mill.) you can live here at Updown Court in Surrey — no neighbours, stereo up loud, said to be larger than both Buckingham Palace or Hampton Court, this 103-room home has 58 acres of gardens and woodlands, probably got Kate Beckinsale living next door, winner…

But this one’s for me, ’cause I’m a sucker for some Cote D’Azur — it’s the Villa Leopolda going cheap at $102 million. Bargain!!!

That’s to cheer you all up after the pollution photos from China.


4 Responses

  1. i would like to buy the Manor house

  2. i would like to visit this house if owner allows…..

  3. Those are expensive but shitty houses

  4. Wow but I want to see the inside of this house it looks so big but I wouldn’t want neighbors!

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