Does Everyone have a Skeleton in the Cupboard?

Okay… so in the last two days we have seen Carrie Prejean suddenly drop her lawsuit against the Miss USA pageant when they played her a tape she once made for a boyfriend. The tape, which shows Prejean performing an act which generations of young boys have been assured will cause blindness, has been obtained by website TMZ but, in an almost unique display of self-censorship, TMZ have decided not to post the footage on their site as they have deemed it “too racy”.

Carrie Prejean

Don't worry Carrie, we thought you were a wanker already

Prejean has been dumped from the conservative New Jersey Family Policy Council’s “Defenders of the Family” event and is attempting to push back against critics by saying…

I was all by myself and I was sending a boyfriend at the time who I loved and cared about a video of me and I was not having sex with anybody and you call it whatever you want.

So is her career as the biblically correct Right-Wing media darling over? You’d think so wouldn’t you?

It did make me wonder though… does everyone have a skeleton in the closet out there in the virtual world? And how long does it take people to uncover it should you suddenly become (in)famous?

My question appears to have been answered already…

A US Marine reservist called Jasen Bruce spent his Monday evening chasing and beating a Greek Orthodox priest  with a tire iron. Bruce claimed he thought the priest was a “muslim terrorist” and his lawyer, Jeff Brown, added in his bail hearing the priest was not only “mentally ill” but…

The bearded man wearing a robe and sandals was clearly trespassing in the garage. In a sudden move, the stranger made a verbal sexual advance and grabbed Bruce’s genitals. The Marine defended himself. And immediately, he called 911 as he chased him.

Unfortunately for Bruce he doesn’t suffer from mental illness… the priest was simply foreign, lost, speaks limited English and wanted directions.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that Bruce is a Marine reservist, bloggers and media outlets have been outraged by his actions and have accused him of “bringing the Marines Corps into disrepute”. But, thanks to the internet, there was one extra, delicious twist to this tale of xenophobic myopia. It appears that Mr Bruce has spent some of his time as a “model” and a few google searches have turned up some examples of his work on a website called “Mad About The Boys”.

And while it might be entirely irrelevant whether the thuggish Mr Bruce not only has a name that suffers from poor spelling but also may have spent his time in the Marines not asking and not telling, you’ve got to think this particular skeleton will make his life somewhat awkward from now on. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fella. Here’s a sample… and if you like what you see here’s a link to Mad About The Boys.

Jasen Bruce - Tool of the Month

I didn't know "Semper Fi" meant "Hunk O' Beef"

Recent Update:- Keen to pimp her new book “Still Standing” Carrie appeared tonight on Larry King Live. Carrie disliked Larry’s line of questioning and repeatedly told him it was “inappropriate”.

I mean… it’s not like Larry actually asked her what she was doing on the video is it… is it? Didn’t take long for Carrie to decide she’d had enough so she rips off her microphone when a caller rings to say “I’m gay and I love a pageant”.

Was this a good career move? And how much of a career does she have left now the “family values” crowd have cut her off?

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28 Responses

  1. Of course, her holiness Ms. Prejean. What else could she be hiding? First it’s half-naked pics, then SOLO SEX TAPES… lol oh I cant wait.

  2. Awww, that’s nothing. She didn’t make a racy tape for national television and market it as such. She made it for her bf and we got our hands on it. Shame on us, not her.

  3. I think I’d like to see Bruce’s tape…

  4. David Beckham has a skeleton too, but it’s okay because it’s his wife.

  5. Like Sarah Palin …. I can’t wait until Prejean is just a faint memory.

  6. So true. It is a flaw on our society though to continue to blog about her and talk about. The less media she recieves the faster we can all forget about her.

  7. First of all the whole sex tape thing is retarded. So it’s hypocritical for Carrie to be the representative of America and have a tape of her naked, but it’s not hypocritical for her to walk the stage in a bikini that has less fabric on it than most McDonalds napkins? But, then its still cool that chick Tara, Miss.USA from forever ago is cool to make out with other chicks and snort coke? But, she still gets to keep her crown? They pick and choose whats right and wrong and yes, to answer your question EVERYONE has skeletons…I’m a good Christian girl, I’m going to India with my chuch the day after Christmas and if you searched hard enough you would find me on a Girls Gone Wild tape my second year of college. Stop the hatin’ people. We ALL have skeletons…esspecially “THE Donald”

    • I just found her anointing as the spokesperson for “Family Values” kind of ironic. I was also going to ponder in a post at how on earth beauty pageants had managed to survive? At one point they seemed so dated and anachronistic they were bound to die out… all of a sudden they seem to have survived that crisis and now seem to be going from strength to strength.
      I like your blog by the way… I spent a bit of time having a read this morning.
      And enjoy India! I’d love to hear what you think of it….

  8. Many of us Christians wouldn’t be Christians if we hadn’t done things we were ashamed of that showed us our need for God.

    I’ve got more skeletons than a graveyard.

  9. That is true. Christianity is all about grace and forgiveness, and changing.

    However, as a Christian with many skeletons in my closet as well, I do not go around looking for publicity and then sue when I don’t get exactly what I want. If I were Miss Prejean, I would have just let it be when it happened. Speak out about my faith and find a job that would respect me for who I am. Use my new “fame” to share the Word of God.

    By suing, she was seeking more publicity and putting herself ahead of her faith. It was never her spirituality that was the issue; it was her need for attention, fame, and fortune.

    • She was rather enabled by the seemingly insatiable media appetite for more…
      I don’t doubt she has a keen appetite for fame but isn’t that held up as an admirable quality in modern culture?
      In Australia at the moment a 16 year old girl is trying to sail around the world solo… tons of media commentators have torn strips off her parents for allowing her to go but if she had declared she was embarking on a singing career they would all be lining up to write fluff pieces on her. Which is the more risky life/career choice?

  10. All of have skeletons – yes. But, not all of us are trying to be a public figure and claiming to be “Good Christian’s” with “Christian Values” only to have naked pictures show up of you and then a sex tape … and then to sue the people that helped get you where you were? Mary had this completely correct – she used this for more celebrity. She could have stepped back from her comments that placed in her in the public spectacle and led a quiet life (but of course being in the pageant does not suggest she was looking for that). What she chose was to be controversial. Typical reality show celebrity with no talent to speak of.

    I wish the media would ignore these people. I say it again, I can’t wait until she is a faint memory.

  11. I don’t really know who she is, and don’t care for her either way, but I don’t think it’s fair to say someone is not a “Good Christian” with “Christian values”, just because she goes out in pageants, or wears bikinis, or has a sex tape or whatever. Just because you want to live a quiet life, doesn’t make you a person of morals, and just because you want to be famous, doesn’t make you any less of a Christian. That’s not to say that this particular person is a person with values and whatnot, but she’s not perfect, just like everyone else in the world. She’s still human, doesn’t mean she doesn’t seek money or fame, just because she’s a Christian. Wish people would stop judging others already. Just because you claim to be a Christian, is not a guarantee to live life as a saint, and just because you judge others doesn’t take your life any higher.

  12. Has anyone ever questioned the audacity of claiming to be a Christian – when practically everybody on Earth knows how few real Christians there are? Look it up.

    It means more than belonging to a church. That does not make you a Christian. How many of us are Christ-like?

  13. […] Feedom, Honesty, Skeltons in the Closet | Leave a Comment  A blogger asked the question in this post, “does everyone have a skeleton in the […]

  14. Just goes to show that there is NO truth at all in our celebrity and political society.

  15. I don’t entirely agree with Ms. Prejean’s viewpoints, but I do say the way she’s been treated has been horrible. Liberals can’t claim to stand for tolerance and then go crazy everytime they hear someone disagree with them.

    I consider myself a liberal on several issues and part of that is accepting that not everyone feels the way you do and they shouldn’t automatically be punished for it.

    • I certainly agree the way she was lambasted originally was pretty horrid. Especially since it was principally led by the vile Perez Hilton whose agenda was entirely self serving.
      It was later the story became different… as she aligned herself with the champions of moral behaviour it became rather delicious to see it all unravelled.

      I tend to think that, should you set yourself up above others and suggest your standards of behaviour are somehow more pure then woe betide you when the naughty vids hit the web!

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  17. I don’t. But I might have one in the closet. 😉

  18. Gawd, i wouldn’t want to be in her position right now! Yikes.

  19. The point I was making (which Anna I think you misinterpreted) was that Prejean was claiming to be on a higher moral ground than other people … say than gay people. While I do not believe she should be muted because of her views, it is rather ironic that she snuggled up with people who would have blasted her if she had been oh I don’t know supportive of gay people when her skeletons came out of the closet. You cannot stand looking down on people without something coming back and biting you in the bikini. She stood up stating she was of higher moral character which is why people are giving her so much negative attention regarding her nude photos and sex tape. This happens all of the time with conservative politicians – they state “God is on my side on this issue” and then what do you know? Come to find out they are no different than Mr. Beefcake who beat up the foreigner in his garage.

    • Because she is currently on a book tour I’ve been noticing Ms Prejean in the media more frequently, hence my update with her appearance on Larry King. She gave an interview the other day in which she said she was “exercising the right to freedom of speech” when she gave the gay marriage answer at the pageant.
      Fair enough, except that, in exercising her “freedom” she was advocating the denial of certain “freedoms” to others.
      In a recent interview in Christianity Today she said “It’s just a personal opinion. They have an opinion; I have my own opinion. Why is my opinion not valid?”
      Er… opinions are just opinions. A “valid” opinion is one that is true….

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