In praise of … Hipster Librarian Chic

Hipster Librarian Librarian Chic

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As many of our regular readers are no doubt aware by now, here at Notes we are quite partial to a well-made cocktail. What you may not know is that we also appreciate a good book, because we have delusions of intellectualism. And in tandem with this love of books, we’ve developed a fetish for those women who sell or lend them to us, particularly the ones that embrace what is now called the hipster librarian look, or librarian chic, because it’s just so… naughty!


That's right, bring out the tramp stamp at night.

At the heart of this fetish is a transformation fantasy in which the Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes,  bookish girl changes to a bad, bad (dirty) girl. This male fantasy is not new, of course, and while it has no known origin, I like to think it started back at the famed Library at Alexandria (??BC–642AD) where Egyptian honeys doled out manuscripts and scrolls to visiting nerdy Greek and Roman scholars. These nerds would try to study, but would constantly be distracted imagining the librarians shedding their togas and getting wild in a Roman bath full of milk!

Basically, it’s all just a variation on the Madonna/Whore fantasy (I guess that’s the Christian version!). In fact, it’s so common that Bacardi even mobilised it for an advertising campaign with the tagline “Librarian by Day. Bacardi by Night”.

Wherever it came from, the clip below from The Big Sleep gives us the horniest, hottest librarian scene ever to come out of Hollywood — Bogart, books, spectacles, booze, and a classic fade from day to night.

And that dialogue — “I’d a lot rather get wet in here!” — as well as the way that the librarian plays with the pencil ….

Wasn’t it so much ruder when they didn’t show it all?

PS: The librarian/bookstore girl was played by relative newcomer hottie Dorothy Malone.

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4 Responses

  1. I love how the glasses coming off is always intrinsically tied to the hair coming down, making her look like a completely different person(!). Superman knew this better than most.

    • So true. In the clip, I love the look she gives him when she taken the glasses off and lett her hair down … Priceless!

  2. […] what we recommend: a nice, tight librarian outfit with a bit of […]

  3. “If you ever want to buy a book…”
    Uh huh sista…smokin’!!

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