Remaking “The Prisoner”: Further Mining of the TV Back Catalog

The extended promotional trailer for the remake of the classic 1960s British TV series The Prisoner has been out for a few months. I’ve held off posting on this, however, because the miniseries doesn’t start until November, so today is close enough.

I rate the original series in my all-time, top five television programs — no one does mysterious weirdness quite like the Brits.  Lost has had a bit of a go at this WTF style, but it’s gone on just a little too long, don’t you think? 

And because I love a good remake, I’m quite looking forward to see how this new series has adapted the social and political concerns of the original.  Cold War politics lurked in the background of the earlier series, so it will be interesting to see the contemporary take on this.  If all else goes wrong, at least we can enjoy the excellent Ian McKelllen  playing the unflappable No.2.

Instead of posting the nine-minute trailer, which apparently contains spoilers, I’ve opted for the 30-second promo:

And for all those that remember it (and I haven’t seen the original now for more than 20 years), here are the opening credits for that 1960s series.  Hard to believe now that any show would begin with more than two minutes of opening credits each week!

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2 Responses

  1. Remake trailer (9 minute one) looks good, deserts, explosions, grenades in mouths, A-frame housing, 50’s Bedfords,(are those Borgwards they’re driving?).Hopefully makes more sense than the original which MacGoohan freely admitted didn’t have an ending for, although in some Calvinistic rambling said was actually about the evil within us all (Number 1) Can’t wait

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