Fetch my axe! I smell goblin…

Is there a funnier hobby than Live Action Role Playing (LARP)?

Since when did Goblins carry firearms?

Since when did Goblins carry sidearms?

If there is, I invite you write in and inform us so it can be investigated.

Until then, this particular pastime ranks as #1 in our list of bizarre things to do at the weekend. Want to be an elf? A Paladin maybe? Or perhaps you’ve always fancied becoming a wizard?

Your prayers have been answered… all the equipment you require is available online at museumreplicas.com.

There also seems to be quite a few people who take it seriously enough to write philosophy papers based on it. Here’s an excerpt from “Philosophies and Strategies of Pervasive LARP Design” published this year.

The strategies relating to ludic environment explicate design approaches to the diegetic game world. How is this world built? What is the driving idea behind it? As these games take place in the vast ordinary world, the game world often consists of ludic bubbles spread in the environment – bubbles that require constant engagement and maintenance work.

Make sense now? Course it does…

Should you be inspired to take up your sword and join the (allegedly) swelling ranks of LARP players, then scan the list and find your local group here.

A prize will be awarded to the first reader photographed with a severed Orc head. Worried about your weaponry? Have a look at this helpful video from the stout yeomanry at Museum Replicas.



5 Responses

  1. Really, when you look at the materials that those weapons are manufactured from, you’re running round with a giant dildo, aren’t you?

  2. I tell you, it’s taking the young people by storm. Past two years there have been LARPing / Cosplay docos at Year 13.

    I must confess that secretly, if I was a teenager again, I suspect I’d totally be into CosPlay.

    KW concurs, and visualises another future in which she has three children, a science degree, and is married to a bearded geek who’s having an online affair with some sort of High Priestess Dungeon Mistress.

  3. oi! don’t lump in CosPlay with those LARP morons….

    CosPlay is a well respected activity involving women dressing up like all my favourite (delightfully) disproporiately shaped, unnatural-hair-coloured video game and japanese cartoon characters and taking pictures of themselves for me to view.

    LARP on the otherhand is as duff suggests, a group of long haired losers donning chain mail and bashing one another over the head with sword-metal-grey painted dildos…

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