The Weekly Revisit

This is just a quick update on a few of our posts from the last week.

Follow up #1: Will a new “American Dream” emerge from the current recession?

First of all, in recession news, the New York Times yesterday carried another story of large amounts of people applying for a low-paying job. This one for a trucking firm administrative position that saw over 500 apply in three days for the $13 an hour job:

Among them was a former I.B.M. business analyst with 18 years experience; a former director of human resources; and someone with a master’s degree and 12 years at Deloitte & Touche, the accounting firm.

The human resource director at the trucking comany dropped these overqualified applicants from any consideration of employment,  “reasoning that they would leave when the economy improved.”

So much for getting an education, eh?

Follow up #2: Art News: From Populist Art Hero to Plagiarising Hypocrite

In a follow up to the post on plagiarised Obama art, a similar case appeared last week when a Wall Street Journal illustrator complained about an artist plagarising her images of Obama created for the newspaper:

Wall Street Journal illustrator Noli Novak says Spanish artist Jose Maria Cano engaged in outright plagiarism in producing a large painting that meticulously duplicates Novak’s stipple portrait of President Barack Obama, including the surrounding text that ran on the front page of the Journal last year.

He copied it dot by dot,” Novak said.

The artist makes no attempt to disguise where it comes from, even blowing up the accompanying text that surrounds the image in the newpaper (see pic below).

There is a nice debate in this piece about whether or not that this can be considered plagiarism or art (or both!).

obama revisit


Follow up #3: Pirate Report

A nice succinct description in the latest live update of an attack from the World Piracy Report:

25.10.2009: 0845 UTC: Posn: 06:07.7S –045:10.0E, 475 nm South of Mogadishu, Somalia.

Six pirates armed with machine guns in a white plastic hull speedboat, chased a container ship underway. Ship raised alarm, adopted anti-piracy preventive measures and increased to maximum speed. At a distance of about three cables, pirates started firing at the ship. The pirates eventually aborted the attack and the vessel continued underway at maximum speed.


Follow up # 4: Turkish coffee banned for being … Turkish!

Rather than banning Turkish coffee, one wit on the Ha’aretz comments page suggested that Turkish coffee be renamed Armenian Genocide coffee.

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