Have you ever been this drunk?

Here at Notes from the Bartender we do like to indulge in a few drinks and, of course, the occasional bit of binge drinking never goes amiss. But even we have our limits, and we don’t recommend that people get to the state exhibited by the unknown male in the clip below AND then try to drink even more. So, because its a Friday, let this serve as both a warning and as a vehicle for a few laughs at the end of the working week….

*Note that the soundtrack possibly wasn’t playing in the shop


6 Responses

  1. I don’t believe that’s real. Well, it’s obviously ‘real’, but he’s totally faking being drunk. I was a drama major. I know stuff. Plus the timecode changes.

  2. So ever been that drunk?

  3. Maybe.

  4. I remember being that drunk once but there was a hedge involved. No matter how hard I tried I just could not get myself out of that hedge until a passing motorist stopped, pulled me out and then kindly drove me to where i was going. Which was yes indeed a place where more drinking was to be had. Surprised I remember it actually.

    • I like how he won’t let go of the beer as he tries to get up. I honestly don’t think I’ve been that bad.

  5. Not for at *least* a week or two.

    I hope my sobriety medal comes today, because… well, it’s Saturday and tonight could get messy.

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