Turkish coffee banned for being … Turkish!

Remember how French fries were relabelled Freedom Fries in the USA after the French refused to join Bush’s incredibly well thought out invasion of Iraq. Well, the puerile pettiness of micropolitics involving a country name and a food group has reared its head again, this time in Israel.

Ilams, a coffee chain, announced that it would stop selling Turkish coffee in response to the diplomatic tensions which arose of late between Israel and Turkey. Ha’aretz reported that tensions between the two countries “began last week when an international military exercise, which was supposed to be held in Turkey and to include the U.S. and NATO, were scrapped over Turkish opposition to Israel’s participation.”

Grow up, Israelis; you’re got more to worry about than banning coffee. War crimes, for instance.  Ooohh, was that anti-Semitic?

Note: The Turks couldn’t find any product with the word Israel in the title to ban in retaliation, instead preferring to say that nothing tasty ever came out of that country. I disagree, I mean have you seen that Bar Refaeli?

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7 Responses

  1. so what is this going to do to the Thanksgiving turkey?

  2. Gazan Journalist reviews Turkish TV Drama on Gaza

  3. ha ha.

    Turkish Delights will now be Improvised Edible Delights!

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