Fear Factor: Battle of the Big Two

The top two primal fears of modern culture are going head to head this week in a battle for supremacy.

It’s Terrorism versus Paedophilia in a no-holds-barred contest to see which holds the top spot and becomes the winner of the inaugural Fear Under Control Keeps Us Safe trophy…

I see RapiScan decided not to go with the Sex Sells campaign

I see RapiScan decided not to go with the "Sex Sells" style of campaign

The battleground is Manchester Airport where terrorism took a handy lead by rolling out new x-ray body scanners in an attempt to force the public to twirl in front of a machine with the ability to see through their clothing. The images would then be scrutinised by minimum wage security staff whose professionalism and dedication to duty was sealed by a video training course with complimentary tea and biscuits.

THWACK! “Not so fast overhyped terrorism hysteria” says the Child Pornography-PaedoFear Brigade. “You can’t do that!”

Action on Rights for Children has countered by saying the technology falls foul of the Children’s Protection Act. It is an offence, they say, to show and make an indecent image of a child and this includes the x-rays, deemed by them to be “pseudo-photographs”.

We can’t allow a line to be crossed in case perverts try to say they were only looking at images for a short time and weren’t storing them.

Manchester Airport and the makers of the machines, a company with the unfortunate title of RapiScan, defended the system using the hitherto successful fear defence – the scanners are only used for the “prevention and detection of crime”.

ARCH replied that, in fact, a “good reason” was required for an exemption to the Child Protection Act.

The airport and RapiScan have now backpedaled and admitted it may be illegal to scan children. They have now forbidden anyone below the age of 18 to be processed in this manner.

As far as Manchester Airport is concerned, we’re not in the business of endangering children. Our only interest is making sure all passengers get on the plane safely.

So chalk a massive victory up to Paedo-Fear – which can now sit triumphant atop the standings (at least until someone manages to smuggle a bomb on board strapped to a 10 year old)

One question does rather linger in my mind however…

Seeing as we grown-ups were heartily assured by Manchester Airport, RapiScan and a compliant press, that the images taken of us were merely for security purposes and would increase our safety, then how come children were somehow at risk?

Is it likely a paedophile would inveigle themselves onto airport staff for a chance to secretly jostle while scanning children?

Or is it more likely that staff would sit watching our tubby unclothed bodies and spend their shifts sniggering and jesting while we, literally stripped of our last vestige of dignity, parade before them in the name of our own security?

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  1. […] Security Fail – and there you were worrying about someone putting drugs in your luggage Posted on January 6, 2010 by DrThrottling International security fears continue to escalate in the wake of the fizzling underpants fiasco. It looks certain that governments around the world will soon be “investing” in body scanners despite health fears and in the face of anti-pedophile hysteria (as presciently documented by us in October in Fear Factor – Battle of the Big Two). […]

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