Oh God, no, not another international song contest!

What do you get when a number of national culture ministers have a brainstorming session looking for ways to increase cultural contacts between their countries?

Answer: An international song contest!

Feted to be called Intervision, the new contest is designed to compete with Eurovision.

Backed by ex-Commie stud muffin, Abba-loving poli, Vladimir Putin (see pic), the contest will involve member countries of Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO), a six-nation defence bloc comprised of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan all have observer status in SCO but, with any luck, no singing status.

"Mama mia, here I go again..."

"Mama mia, here I go again..."

We just hope that if it gets off the ground the competitor countries treat the competition with a little more flippancy than Russia did in 2008, when Putin described its Eurovision win as “a victory for all of Russia”.

You see, as we found out in an earlier post, rather than encouraging cultural ties, these contests can be taken waaaaaayyyy too seriously by some countries, especially those places with inferiority complexes or insecure political systems.

As an additional note, I see that Russia ratified the United Nations Convention Against Torture back in 1987. Therefore, I’m fairly certain you could successfully take a case to the International Criminal Court for cruel and inhuman punishment if you were forced to listen to anymore of this song contest rubbish.

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