And today’s question is?

Here’s a clip from a 1950s educational film I was watching today.

Have a look at Barbara here… she looks like she’s had the kind of day that can only be cured by a few solid shots of vodka and a bar of chocolate or two.

But what is it she’s so upset about?

Have a look at the clip and have a crack at the poll.

Want to find out what happened?

Oh… she doesn’t take an interest in music, politics or art. Best strap the electrodes on her temples then…


4 Responses

  1. Ha, that’s awesome! Funny thing is, I know plenty of adults who are yet to learn that a conversation is about two people talking, not just one talking at the other.

  2. Its like a 1950s version of “Mean Girls”.

  3. ah well, who’d want to talk with those stuckup future Stepford wives anyway? Cheer up missy, best go hunt-down that sailor they mentioned in the poll.

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