Hey Hey! It’s Fashion!

Not content sitting back and watching Hey Hey, Reunion snag all the international headlines, Vogue has stepped in with its own brown/blackface photo controversy. Here’s supermodel Lara Stone, looking a lot like Grace Jones.

Lara Stone

Always keen to push the cutting edge of fashion shock people into thinking they are still relevant, Vogue also recently featured a faux-pregnant model smoking a cigarette.

No doubt photographer Steven Klein and editor Carine Rotifeld will ride out the ripples of discontent from some quarters on the basis that their work is “art”.

And Lara Stone? She was praised in the article that ran with the photos for her “radical break with the wave of anorexic models”.

No doubt because she is quite obviously the size of a rhinoceros.


3 Responses

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  2. This editorial is a part of “Special Top Models – Kate, Claudia, Eva, Lara…”

    The Lara Stone spread features her “real” skin, an Elizabeth I-style white out, as well the “black face,” to show how this rhinoceros/non anorexic real woman for whom the pleasure of metamorphosis blah blah… (sorry it made no sense whatsoever, maybe I am yet to master fashion French)

    My first thought at the black face was why they couldn’t have just found a black supermodel but hey! We’re talking fashion dah-ling. Interestingly, the Frenchman was outraged at the racist connotations straightaway.

    PS If you do chance upon the magazine, take a look at her bizarre nipple

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