WTF? Oh… right


I noticed the Wisconsin Tourism Federation changed it’s name a few days ago in order to rid themselves of the unfortunate acronym WTF. Apparently the deluge of prank e-mails and phone calls was getting a bit much.

They also posted a rather quaint press release on their website a couple of days ago…

TFW recently rearranged the words in our name to provide a sequence that would no longer distract from our long-standing mission…  we appreciated the opportunity to bring smiles to many bloggers, however we found it important to move forward in retaining our focus and serving our organizations responsibly

Bless ’em. Now, I wonder if the good folks at the Kansas Natural Obstetrics Board are considering re-branding soon?

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2 Responses

  1. funny how the mind works -keep seeing padraig harrington-the golfer from ireland who wears a hat with “fti” imblazoned on it and all i can think of is ‘eff the irish’. and for what it really means ?? and i’m of irish strain.

  2. hahahahahaha! So dumb, and yet, so entertaining.

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