Has a Psychic Ever Solved a Crime? Ever?

Lately, we’ve been following the story of a  child, Aisling Symes, who disappeared from her family home in Auckland New Zealand. The story is generating global news interest similar to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal a couple of years ago.  Just to bring you up to date if you haven’t heard about this case, one week ago  two-year-old Aisling went missing from her home during daylight hours while her mother was busy trying to fix the washing machine.  Despite intensive searching and inquiries, police and family have no idea of her whereabouts. Aisling may have wandered off, fallen into a nearby creek or culvert, or been kidnapped.

Over the weekend, there was what I would call a “non-development” in the case when a so-called psychic named Deb Webber visited the parents of the disappeared child and told them that Aisling was in a ditch or a hole somewhere.  Didn’t say where though, did she. Nice!  That’s reassuring, isn’t it? Thanks a lot, you idiot. Very helpful.

By now you may have an inkling as to why I’m writing this post and how I feel about psychics.

Just a little bit about our “psychic”, Deb Webber — she has featured for two seasons in a very high rating New Zealand TV show called Sensing Murder. In this program, “psychics” look into unsolved, cold crime cases.  Turns out that the third season of the show was just about to kick off and many people saw this as an attempt by TVNZ and Webber to generate publicity for the programme. 

Here’s the problem I have with “psychics” and programs like this: they perpetuate in the minds of the more gullible public that their “psychic” bullshit might actually be real. 

They seem convincing to many because I’m sure that these spoonbenders convince themselves that they have special powers.

Do you want to know how special their powers are? So far, in two seasons of this show in New Zealand, none of these “psychics” has solved a single crime. Not one. Nor have they managed to turn up a single missing body. Nothing.

What I want to know is this.  Has any “psychic” ever solved a crime beyond the immediately bleeding obvious?  Because I seriously bloody doubt it! So, I’ll say it – these fuckwits are all charlatans and should just fuck right off. Now and forever more. Let professionals do their work and butt out with your petty predictions. Cocks! 

Additional Sad Update: Aisling’s body has now been found by police. It appears that she drowned in a culvert near her home.

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5 Responses

  1. ditch or hole = culvert. Spooky or what

  2. Maybe I’m psychic, because I could tell by your title the bias & stance on the subject before reading anything else! What’s more amazing is somebody trying to form an opinion on something based on a TV show. Not only is that mentality completely ridiculous, but would also be considered shoddy detective work if you went into any case immediately dismissing possible leads.

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  4. Lol I am gagging in laughter, if u think these people are such frauds, why on earth would the professional’s turn to them for help, because they do a lot more than u could possibly imagine. I know this to be fact. Deb Webber is a much respected physic and in demand alot. U are very close minded and please don’t take me on in this conversation because I work in law and to add to that I’m also psychic. Crawl back in to the hole u climbed out of and don’t disrespect the people who are truly trying to help family’s who are at there wits end.

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