Hey! Look what I found!

I'd rather drink hemlock

What a handy looking book!

I discovered it at Found in Mom’s Basement. A guide for the home bartender from the groovy folks at Playboy!

And it looks like it probably comes with handy tips to get yourself one of those cute bunny chicks dishing up the beverages too!

HANG ON…. WTF?!?!?!?!?




2 Responses

  1. eeewwww. Nasty stuff, that Southern Comfort. Super nasty with L&P, as was the choice of school kids when I was at school. Did we maybe invent the first alco-pop?

  2. I think everyone had a Southern Comfort phase. I was 17 when I had mine. It comes to a swift end the first time you wake up after a big night on it…
    The very thought still makes me bilious…

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