Spanish PM’s Goth Teen Daughters — THE Photo!

Another political photograph — two in a row! Well, that’s what you get when there’s a G20 meeting going on.

And once again, a “moment” is captured, one that the Spanish delegation have been trying to to remove from all public display ever since.

Posing with the Obamas in the photograph below is the Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, his wife and his two goth daughters Laura, 16, and Alba, 13. As the Guardian reports:

Yesterday his office was scrambling to remove all traces of the snaps, alleging that – unlike the Obamas – Zapatero has always kept his daughters … out of the public eye.

Seldom seen by Spaniards, this photo has been something of a revelation. Zapatero never thought it would be released:

It did not occur to him that official Obama pictures are uploaded on to the US state department’s Flickr page, or that the black clothes and calf-high boots worn by one of his offspring might brighten the lives of Spain‘s adolescent goths.

No real comment except, Bloody Hell, it’s a bit Addams Family, isn’t it, and Mom on the far left ain’t helping either. Quick, grab your sword, there are orcs about.

goth daughters

A classic family photo. One for the album.

For the bigger, scarier version, click here.

4 Responses

  1. this is easily the funniest photo you guys have posted. I especially like the enlarged version where you can see the expressions on their faces. Obama looks like he’s pissing himself

  2. oh. and I think you’re getting Orcs confused with Trolls

  3. That’s the best.

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