Hellooooooo Ladies!

So, according to his recent post, Duffster claims women appear to only be concerned about the size of a man’s bank balance, right?

But, in the comments section, we have a couple of female readers, Good Bone Structure and tvaddict, both claiming that finance was not a factor in their choice of partner. It seems that some women are looking for something other than cash when it comes to men.

So, as a favour to such discriminating tastes, I have rounded up a bevy of eligible bachelors for them to choose from.

Go to it girls….


7 Responses

  1. Oh My.

    The 80’s has a lot to answer for. Wide rim glasses, and thin porn moes to name 2!!

    Maybe we have become too PC these days? Why shouldn’t we be able to say, with conviction, no fatties, no smokers, no dopers, and no crack whores. Everyone is equal – yeah right.

  2. I thought the guy in the Viking outfit might appeal…

    Or is he one of those live action role playing dudes?

  3. Every single one of them looks and sounds like a serial killer.

  4. I’m trying to pass them all through the 80s fashion filter in my mind to try and remove the lemon sweater-vests from the equation… ummmm, trying reeeally hard…. still no.

    And what’s with all the facial hair?!

  5. In the 1980s every single man was required by law to grow a moustache before they were either photographed or filmed..

    The regulation replaced the Flared Trousers Act of 1971…

    • Was the law changed in the 1990s to a total ban on hair cutting or washing for men? Surely no-one voluntarily thought grunge was a good idea…

      • I always thought grunge was inspired by those pheromone sprays that claimed women were easy to attract with zero effort as long as a man smelled sexy…

        Grunge was about not washing and relying on one’s natural musky sex scent to attract a mate… I notice after-shave companies didn’t go out of business

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