Toxic: His Lordship has left the building.

Well, who would have thought it?

Lord Strathclyde appears to have been reading this post from Notesfromthebartender and has bowed to the pressure.

The Guardian reports that he is to quit his directorship of Trafigura’s hedge fund arm, Galena Asset Management, in the wake of the appalling publicity the story has generated.

Lord of the Realm and Tool of the Month

Lord of the Realm and Tool of the Month

Given, as we pointed out, the toxic sludge was dumped around Abidjan three years ago in August 2006, was his Lordship completely unaware of the growing case against Trafigura?

Was his failure to sever ties with the company earlier than today perhaps linked to the lack of attention the story was generating and the “undisclosed fee” he was being paid?

Or could his sudden desire to wash his hands of Trafigura have something to do with a UK general election being just around the corner?

2 Responses

  1. If the Golden Turd hadn’t just been awarded, this guy would be up for it.

  2. Judging by that shit eating grin on his face, it looks like he just ate it.

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