Drink Spike Bust!!! Oh….

So it seems that it’s not just us here at the Notes who had issues with the piss poor journalism of David Ecclestone (Read our earlier criticism here). According to the media diary of The Australian, it seems the police had some issues as well…

Police have confirmed officers were called to the Regatta Hotel on Friday September 4 after bar staff noticed a man tampering with a girl’s drink while she was in the bathroom. The man sped away in his car when he realised he had been caught and police intercepted the vehicle. “Three men were detained for a search and two identified themselves as actors who were participating in a television investigation into drink spiking,” police told Diary. “They had been paid to add sugar into a female actor’s drink. The third man identified himself as a reporter”.

After having, presumably, explained to police that he was involved in a vital piece of crime-fighting journalism, Ecclestone seems to have evaded arrest. Yet, you’d think that the sharp-eyed vigilance of the staff at the Regatta Hotel in Brisbane might have been mentioned in the story…

Or would that have dismantled the breathless hyperbole of Ecclestone’s “investigation”?

Not according to Today Tonight Executive Producer Craig McPherson…

“The incident wasn’t mentioned in the story as it had nothing to do with the story.”

I think it’s time to dish out our first Golden Turd Award.

David Ecclestone and Craig McPherson… we salute your commitment to mediocrity!

The prestigious Golden Turd™

3 Responses

  1. Unbelievable. That is spectacularly shoddy journalism.

  2. Actually, Ecclestone’s piece would have been better if the investigative theme had been on how little it is that people notice around them in bars when they’re a bit drunk.

  3. Ecclestone’s piece would have been better if it had highlighted how dumb journalists think their audience is…

    Oh… now that I think of it, that’s exactly what he did.

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