Honking Great Hard-On a Talent Show Winner

Over a million hits so far for the clip below from late August on UK talent show X-Factor, but what are we to think?

It seems that after the phenomenal YouTube-inspired success of both Paul Potts and that plain Scottish woman with the bird’s nest hair, the producers of X-Factor have come up with scripted gimmicks designed  to be posted on the internet so as to virally attract a bigger audience. This scriptedness becomes more obvious on repeated viewings.

In this clip, we see a no-talent singer called Steve come out on stage with a very prominent bulge–an erection–in his pants (this has been described as “the old Irish potato-down-the-trousers” trick).  The audience and cameramen seem to pick this up much faster than the judges, but when the judges — Simon Cowell et al. — do “catch on”, their reactions and comments are worth a look:

Regardless of what that old sourpuss Dr Throttling thinks, I find this a wholly more interesting means of promotion than traditional TV advertising.


2 Responses

  1. Sourpuss… blah

    Do you not think it is a woeful attempt to keep the hype rolling?

    Having seen the power of viral youtube hits the producers are now just trying to create moments that become tiny Culture Nuggets™ (they look the same but have less nutrition than chicken nuggets)

    1. It’s tiresome to have the same sort of instantly seen and forgotten crap wheel past on the sushi train of life
    2. When you are faking your moments, the show has jumped the shark and can never return to what it was (and we’ve seen how this format can actually create moments that are real and worthwhile)
    3. We end up in a blizzard of fakeness… a new post-modernism I will hereby dub neo-turdism
    4. When Taylor Swift gets invited out by “classy” Beyonce for her “moment” and she’s changed into a scarlet dress too and she’s carrying a microphone do we really need to carry on thinking Kanye West really stormed the stage? This genuine rage across the interweb is a rage that has been manufactured. The power of media could create real love rather than plastic hate.
    6. Kanye West abused a decent cognac and that is why he deserves our censure
    7. Something else
    8. Bah humbug

  2. Sourpuss!

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