The Greatest Moments in my Life.

The thing about life is… some moments stick out.

These are the moments you end up binding your own narrative threads around when you begin to weave the web* of meaning across your existence.

One of the Greatest Moments of my Life was inspired/created by Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds.

Tin Tin was hot. Lady Penelope was experienced but scary.

Tin Tin was hot. Lady Penelope was experienced but scary.

Specifically, it was caused by an episode called Sun Probe.

In this episode a rocket flown by a trio of “Solarnauts” flies close to the sun in order to collect a piece of solar matter. The mission is a success but, as they try to fire retro rockets to return to Earth, they discover that high radiation levels have jammed their control systems and they are on a collision course with the Sun.

Cue phone call to International Rescue who launch a two pronged rescue mission to fire a beam at the rocket which will trigger the Sun Probe’s retros and save the day. Thunderbird 3 races after the rocket with Alan, Sott and Tin Tin on board while Brains and Virgil head to a freezing mountain top to also have a crack.

Brains has accidentally packed a chess playing robot instead of the correct equipment and Thunderbird 3 is not close enough and has to fly closer to the Sun than anticipated. Then, finally Tin Tin triggers the beam from a control panel in the lounge of Thunderbird 3 and the Solarnauts are saved.

This season, Solarnauts are wearing bold new colours

This season, Solarnauts are wearing bold new colours


But hold on… Thunderbird 3 is now so close that their own retros have failed to fire and now they are heading to the Sun and certain death. Scott has passed out from the heat. It’s up to Alan to try and save the day.

And this is why this moment is so important to me.

Instead of leaping up and shouting “Alan! You useless tool! You’re all going to die!”

Or gripping the edge of my chair thinking, “I hope Brains can come up with some brilliant solution involving his chess playing robot”.

I thought this…

THE LOUNGE?!?!?!?!?

Why on Earth would anyone in their right mind build a lounge in a space ship?!?!?

And why, if you did decide to build some sort of rest and recreational area in your rocket, would you then decide to place a vital piece of equipment like the control panel in it?!?

It appeared to me the person in charge, to whit, debonair billionaire Mr Jeff Tracy, father of the Thunderbird clan, had a cavalier disregard for the basic tenets of safety and practicality when it came to designing his machines. And on whose authority was he monitoring every single phone call and radio message and then sending in heavily armed rescue vehicles now that you mention it? I found it suspicious.

It made me question things…

Parents. Power. Authority.**

Oh… and it also made me not want to be Alan. Especially after he kept on moping over Tin Tin in the Thunderbirds movie and never had the balls to ask her out.

So how did this desperate situation resolve itself anyway?

Sure enough, Brains did the thing with the chess machine. Here’s Alan moments after the retros fire. His emergence from behind the sofa is eerily prescient of my later life, but that’s for a different post.

*Warning. LifeWeb™ can disintegrate under the influence of alcohol, poor sexual choices and soft rock music.

**Not myself though… it was The Clangers who made me do that.

7 Responses

  1. Ha ha. You’re a lunatic with too much time on his hands. But since you have, how about a yarn about Lady Penelope next time?

    • I suppose I should write about Lady Penelope at some stage. Tin Tin was always the one I fancied as a kid… Lady Penelope was always “entertaining” important men at her house/castle thing and seemed to use and discard them as she pleased. Although when Mr Tracy made her teapot beep she would always race off in her Rolls machine gunning villains… not sure what that said about their relationship.

  2. That was probably Alan again…
    In Thunderbirds are Go he moped around by the pool looking fed up but failed to ask Tin Tin out. Scott and Virgil are asked out by Lady P to a nightclub and he is doubly fed up that he isn’t going…
    So he has a dream instead, where Lady Penelope took him to a nightclub in outer space where puppet versions of Cliff Richard and the Shadows sang to them. He wakes up when he falls out of bed.
    No beeping teapot for you mate….

  3. A very very good posting by the Dr.
    My own moment of suspicion arousal was when upon being asked by me if my Christmas gift had to come from the store he and I were in, the Farmers Santa replied that yes it did indeed have to come from Farmers.
    Your numbers up Charlie, the REAL Santa wouldn’t be concerned with something as mundane as commerce

  4. Ha ha…
    Soon after the Sun Probe episode, I revealed to the rest of my school that the Santa who would be turning up to dish out presents was a ringer…

    The Headmistress hauled me over the coals… I was 8 years old. My defence?
    “You told us to tell the truth!”

    Didn’t get me out of trouble….

  5. That was your NEXT lesson Dr. The masses will go to any length to avoid the truth

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