Virtual Global Taskforce

The Virtual Global Taskforce has one of those lunatic names that conjures up 1970s Godzilla movies or, perhaps, the all powerful military outfit from the Jon Pertwee era of Dr Who. It certainly doesn’t sound like the name one would give a serious outfit that coordinates the efforts of law enforcement offices around the globe in a bid to prevent online child predation.

The allseeing eye is watching. Or perhaps it's not.

The allseeing eye is watching. Or maybe it's not.

The Virtual Global Taskforce claims to have “helped rescue dozens of children around the world” and to have “held to account hundreds of child sex offenders”. But, if one takes a look at their website, it appears that their newsletter was last published in 2007, their “latest news” section was last updated in December 2008 and their press releases (average 4 per year) chiefly revolve around saying who they are.

Presumably running a hi-tech army of Virtual Global Warriors™ costs money. Certainly the VGT’s international framework document Part V, Section 4, Para 2, would seem to show that budgets are maintained and “monies” are managed. Perhaps the work of the Virtual Global Taskforce has been so efficient that the need to update their online presence is no longer required.

Or perhaps their Orwellian logo has scared potential predators back into their lairs.

Or, just perhaps, the Virtual Global Taskforce is sucking money away from the sorts of institutions that provide care and protection for actual children rather than virtual ones.

Additional Note: I came across the scary logo at The website itself certainly appears to have its heart in the right place but, given that one of its aims is to “empower” children and raise their “self-esteem” could someone please tell me how that occurs in the attached video? Or is this more about an ex-comedian using a charity cause to try and resurrect his career?

Additional Additional Note: Thank you Duffster for pointing out that the Virtual Global Taskforce, formed in December 2003, actually skewered their first villain in June 2006. All that money is obviously being well spent then. Presumably, considering their budget, the logo and their punchy name, the bust went down something* like this…

*That is, if the child predator is fleeing justice in a large fish-shaped submarine.


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