Barack Obama Surfing a Giant Transatlantic Wave of Popularity


Check out these opinion poll numbers from the WSJ. The survey, published today, was taken in the European Union, the US and Turkey:

A record 77% of Europeans approve of Mr. Obama’s handling of international affairs, compared with 19% support for former President George W. Bush a year ago. In Germany, Europe’s biggest country, the jump was 80 percentage points, the biggest increase in any category in the seven-year history of the survey.

Ronald Asmus, executive director of the Fund’s Trans-Atlantic Center in Brussels analysed these extraordinary numbers: “Beyond the hype about ‘Obamamania,’ this is a tsunami, a once-in-a-generation bounce in popularity.”

I would just add to this by saying that if you ever wanted to get a huge bounce in popularity, it always helps to get elected  immediately after a global cock-smack like Bush.


2 Responses

  1. cock-smack ?? oh! wanker right?

  2. I saw it somewhere else and just had to use it.

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