The thin edge of the wedge


This from The Guardian Health section, with doctors talking about alcohol consumption:

There should be a total ban on alcohol advertising, including happy hours and sponsorship of music and sporting events, doctors’ leaders said today.

You see, this is exactly what happens once do-gooders get their foot in the door: they storm the citadel of fun. Now that smoking, in all its guises, has been banned virtually everywhere, drinking is next. Commercials and advertising are the first to warrant attention because:

Young people are particularly affected by such advertising, which encourages them to binge-drink and stock up on cheap alcopops, it said.

And as we already know: Binge Drinking = Bad.

2 Responses

  1. Coincidently, I was pondering a similar note this morning whilst walking to work. As regulations on alcohol advertising expand and enforce stronger restrictions on when and where such advertising can exist, is there any endpoint apart from a complete ban?

    When the proponents of this complete ban succeed, do they stop? Or do they continue, and increase the push on anti-alcohol advertising, gunning for a return to the glorious(?) days of prohibition?.

    I should hope that we’ve already learnt the consequences of those actions, thanks to the performances of Sylvester Stalone and Sandra Bullock in the 1994 ASCAP Film and Television Music Award winning film Demolition Man.

    • Or maybe it’ll be just like smoking, so if we want alcohol at a pub, we’ll have to take it outside and drink on the footpath.

      No, they never stop, they find something else to ban.

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