Sign of the times

In a world where adults are increasingly treated like reckless and naughty infants there is, perhaps, nothing more annoying than council signage.

Palm Beach in Sydney has a steep staircase known as “The Stairway to Heaven”. A post at the bottom has been festooned with an increasingly bizarre set of signs lest the nearby residents should wish to…

  • Ride motorcycles down the steps
  • Ride bicycles down the steps
  • Ride horses down the steps
  • Light fires
  • Have cats
  • Set up tents
  • A bunch of other things

Sign here please

Recently the local council added a further sign saying “Uneven Surface” to warn walkers of the poor state of the path.

This proved too much for a local sign writer who added his own sign, brilliantly designed to look exactly like the council’s, reading, “Warning. Unstable Council. Why fix the path when you can erect a sign?

Could this be the start of a new wave of people power?

Recently residents of Beecroft in Sydney’s north west complained to police that motorists were ignoring a sign that forbade them to turn left onto tiny, residential Albert Street during rush hour. Motorists were ignoring the sign and turning their quiet road into a “rat run” they moaned.

The cops duly staked out the corner, catching around 200 motorists in three months and dishing out fines of $175 a piece.

Trouble is, the sign was a fake.

It had been nailed up by a grumpy resident when the council had failed to act themselves.

Power to the people.


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