Realpolitik is preferable to ideologically driven bullshit

This from the Telegraph about the “truth” behind the pardoning of the Lockerbie bomber:

Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, admitted in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph that trade and a BP oil deal had been an “essential part” of a decision to include the bomber in an earlier prisoner transfer agreement with Libya. […]

A Foreign Office minister also cited Libya’s key role in “guaranteeing a secure energy future for the UK”….

Does Jack Straw’s honesty here signal a return to realpolitik rather than the political obfuscations and outright lies that characterised the rationales behind the the Iraq War and the ‘Global War on Terror’?

Personally, I prefer this frankness, because at least it reveals the machinations of government and what it might be trying to do “in your national interest”.

The only thing I’m really worried about now is whether Straw’s move towards realpolitik is in fact merely a ruse to hide something else….

Additional note: The exchange of guilty “terrorists” for “national interests” is not without precedent. The New Zealand government back in the 1980s caved into French trade threats and returned two French spies who had been convicted of the terrorist bombing of the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior, in Auckland harbour.

The main difference between the two cases is that the French spies were definitely guilty and the Lockerbie bomber, probably, was not.


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