Help is on the way

It was with some distress I read Duffster’s post discovering his father had been lurking around some of the seedier back streets of the internet. Despite what Ernest Borgnine claims, masturbation is a mortal sin and will not only lead to hairy palms and poor eyesight but, according to the Passion For Christ Movement (PC4M), can also mean an eternity in the burning fires of hell.

Fortunately, as P4CM point out, when God wants to take His message of deliverance across the globe there is NO stopping him. And God has decided to save the masturbators by producing a bold range of hip t-shirts so they can be freed through Christ.

We're a couple of wankers

I suggest Duffster immediately invests in such a garment for his Dad before it’s too late.


2 Responses

  1. I’m not sure what would be sadder (or funnier): wearing a t-shirt that says “Masturbator” or one that reads “Ex-Masturbator”.

  2. Go here for all your T-shirt needs….
    Another favourite is Ex-Fornicator, but Ex-Atheist is pretty good too.

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