Paedophiles and the internet – don’t they read?

That's right, you!


This crime piece from The Times reads like the denoument of an episode of Law and Order or Criminal Minds:

Five children have been rescued from paedophiles in a series of raids on homes in England and Scotland.

The boys and girls, aged between seven and 13, had been attacked on a regular basis and their abusers had planned to broadcast their ordeals over the internet.

Some pretty sick stuff but with a good result in the end. When I read news stories like this, however, I’m always amazed by how stupid most criminals are.  

I mean, wouldn’t you think if you were a paedophile, the last thing you would want to do is to broadcast your crimes over the Internet or to keep  a library of dodgy images on your computer? Don’t these freaks watch TV crime shows or read the newspapers that show people are constantly getting busted for this sort of stuff?

But then again, burglars still keep leaving fingerprints and rapists still keep leaving DNA, so stupid is probably the right word, and for that we should be grateful.


2 Responses

  1. And that, my friends, is why we will never see photographs posted of the Duffster’s basement.

  2. Its not a basement, its a dungeon.

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