Porn Industry Gets F**ked in the A**

A recent feature article in the LA Times on the porn industry looks at the changes facing the business as it grapples with a major drop in revenue:

I'm as hard as a rock.

I'm as hard as a rock.

Industry insiders estimate that since 2007, revenue for most adult production and distribution companies has declined 30% to 50% and the number of new films made has fallen sharply.

“We’ve gone through recessions before, but we’ve never been hit from every side like this,” said Mark Spiegler, head of the Spiegler Girls talent agency, who has worked in porn since 1995.

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That’s not cheating. THIS is cheating…

Much was made of the performance of South African athlete Caster Semenya at the recent World Athletics Championships in Berlin. Having won the Women’s 800m, her less than stereotypically feminine appearance led to calls for immediate gender testing in case she should prove to be Half Man–Half Biscuit. And now tests have shown she has three times the “normal” levels of testosterone in her body.

What a bore.

In the good old days cheats would hatch fiendish plots and come up with dastardly schemes to outwit their opponents. Like Hippolyte Aucouturier who hopped on a train in the 1904 Tour De France. Though quite how the organisers failed to anticipate the likelihood of a man with that moustache being a bit sneaky is beyond me…

Shortly after disqualification Aucouturier tied the official's wife to a railway track.

Shortly after disqualification Aucouturier tied the official's wife to the train track.

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Is this you?

Thank you xkcd!

Heroes – Sidney Frank

In Two Tribes, Frankie Goes To Hollywood asks us “Are we living in a land where Sex and Horror are the new gods?”

The answer would appear to be yes.

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When Democracies Torture

Take a look at the following list. Check off how many of the these you have heard from the U.S. Government in the last eight years in response to accusations of torture: Continue reading

Lockerbie or Guantanamo. Which is the greater travesty of justice?

Another big dish of irony just served hot.

The United States is furious at the recent release of convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, who has terminal cancer, calling it “a travesty of justice”.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has quietly released a prisoner, Mohammed Jawad, from Guantanamo Bay. Jawad had been imprisoned for seven years. He was released after a judge ruled that there was a lack of evidence against him after his original confession was found to have been coerced by torture. Continue reading

State Surveillance in the UK: nowhere to hide

French philosopher Michel Foucault noted that in a surveillance society, any surveillance changes the behaviour of not just those who are being watched, but also those who are doing the watching. cctvGreat Britain is apparently the most surveilled nation on Earth. A 2006 report estimated that there were more than 4.2 million closed circuit televisions (CCTVs) monitoring the populace and that on average a person would be filmed by approximately 300 different cameras per day as they moved through London. Knowing this, a couple of gangsters who recently pulled off England’s greatest jewel heist went to great lengths to alter their appearance, disguising themselves with Mission Impossible style latex faces. Continue reading