Pensioner Sex

Once you’ve reached the ripe old age of 90 you’d think you’d be allowed to pop on your slippers and have a nice cup of tea without being pestered for sex right? Not so if you’re the last of your species it seems.

Lonesome George, the last surviving Pinta Island tortoise, is apparently at his sexual peak and scientists have been parading a succession of winsome females, from nearby Wolf Island, before him in an effort to provide him with an heir before it’s too late.But George is a tad choosy and for 36 years has turned his beak up at potential playmates, preferring to spend his nights eating lettuce and playing with his extensive model railway instead.

Not tonight dear, I've got a headache

Not tonight dear, I've got a headache

Last year, however, one of the scaly shelled strumpets appeared to have finally spurred George into action and a batch of eggs were subsequently uncovered. Sadly for all concerned, the eggs turned out to be infertile.

But this year it seems that George has once again risen to the occasion and five new eggs were spotted on Monday in his compound at the Charles Darwin Research Station. The resident conservationists now face a tense 120 day wait to find out if they will save the species or if George has been firing blanks all along.


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