For sale: vagina, unused, one careful lady owner

Ho-hum, here we go again, just another girl selling her virginity to pay for something she can’t afford. Seems like there’s one of these stories every week, right? At least that’s what I thought when news articles appeared yesterday about a 28-year-old Ecuadorian woman, Evelyn Duenas, running an internet auction in Spain, hocking off her hymen to the highest bidder. But some quick research found that this practice is far less common than first imagined. In the last two years, Google reveals only four well-publicised instances (with this latest being the fourth).

One belonging to American Natalie Dylan sold for US$3.7 million but the deal was never ‘consummated’ after the winning bidder’s wife objected (cow!). He did burn his $250,000 deposit, though.

Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan - growler seller. Grrr.

Another, owned by Raffella Fico, an Italian swimsuit model, had a price of $1.5 million on it but there is no evidence that she followed through. And, anyway, she’s since been nailed by Ronaldo so that little earner is out the window.


Raffaella Fico. Goooooaaaal!

The third belonged to 18 year old Romanian, Alina Percea, was let go (relatively) cheaply; for $13,000 she did follow through and supposedly enjoyed it. Interesting to note here is that going bareback was part of the deal. Fair enough!

Romanian Virgin

Alina Percea - a cheapie, but then she is from Eastern Europe

So, to the latest case to receive publicity: the aforementioned Evelyn Duenas is trying to auction her beaver off to raise money for the medical treatment of her mother’s Alzheimers. At the time of writing, the offer was 3.2 million dollars. Not bad going considering the reserve price was a mere 15,000 Euros. And the bonus for this girl is that if anyone does tell her mum about it, she’ll just forget it five minutes later.

Evelyn Duenas

Evelyn Duenas - a 28-year old South American virgin? Is that likely?

Now, I’m not here to pass any moral judgement on these transactions. No, what I’m interested in is that given the vast amounts of money at work here, especially in a recession, why aren’t we seeing more of these auctions? I’m also wondering, if this did take off, would we ever get to stage where the girls who do give it away for free will be considered bad businesswomen? And one final question, do you think someone could make money setting up a dedicated auction site for these girls because I can’t find the right category on EBay?

In Part II of this article will be a Marxist analysis of the vagina in a capitalist economy.

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